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The Wolford brand ... ... today stands as an internationally recognised luxury brand with an extensive range of products for the wardrobe – from head to toe. It represents creative and innovative, but above all else high-quality, products. The brand culture is lived by a dynamic team and implemented on a market-by-market basis.
Experienced sales and marketing teams working in international locations use their expertise to implement the strategy and philosophy of the Austrian brand, which has its headquarters in Bregenz at Lake Constance, on a local level. Unmistakable knit expertise, quality, comfort and aesthetics, combined with a high level of innovation – these are the core attributes and, as such, the focus of the international brand strategy.
Wolford collections are sold in around 65 countries via a network of Wolford stores and retail partners, and impress discerning customers across the world with their uniqueness and distinctiveness. And Wolford is not just a trendsetter in the world of fashion – the company is also a pioneer in terms of its active environmental policy. Having an ecological awareness is a given for a company that conducts the majority of its production at the Bregenz location, which lies close to a number of water protection areas.
Thus environmentally friendly production, together with an efficient use of resources, stand as a key part of the company's long history. The company sees its use of targeted measures to protect the surrounding eco-systems as an expression of its ecological responsibility. The materials and colours that are used are ecologically tested, and the products fulfil the Oeko-Tex standard. In addition, the durability of the high-quality products helps to ensure that customers can enjoy them over the long term. Together with its employees and business partners, Wolford is working continuously to secure sustainable business success, and is focusing on the long-term increase in company and brand value, taking into account short-term market and capital market requirements.

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